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Apr 19, 2014

And just like that, youre gone. (this is pretty long read if you wanna)

Okay, wow, so this is it? I didn’t eepect this day to come soo well soon. I know you hate me posting about things like this and im sorry I really need to because well I really cant tell you and wait for an immediate reply! Annnyywwaayyy,


So. Wow. This is really hard. How do I do this? Right, from the start.

The first time we ever spoke was drama, when you asked me for my water, and I thought to myself, oh cool a senior talking to me, and then I realized you weren’t a senior, anyway yea, drama were the good days, when we all used to sit in big groups talking about random shizz, some of which was super gross, my sitting on your lap like a s**t just to prove that not all Indians are the way you think they are, and like you started messaging me and shizz, but I couldn’t have been bothered to start an conversation. And way days, rolled into months, which rolled into this year, where we for some reason, started talking more, I slowly started to stop saying “eww” and “yuck” to you, and we just got closer, but then February rolled in and well I started to feel a small spark, like I knew I had crush on you but not mad for you. Bernice’s birthday party came and we were, normal nothing really intense, but for some reason on Ileri’s birthday at the funfair, I felt that spark, grow into this flame, and on the 24th of that month, I woke up and thought, shit! I really like this guy, and I told you and luckily for me you kinda felt the same, so we acted more like a couple, although were never dated earlier cause you were (and already did) leave, and I was cool with it. I remember the first time we kissed, it was after study hall, and that kiss was the best and funniest feeling ever, funny because my lips are waay too small for yours, but it was a good kinda funny feeling. The 3 of us came to your house some weeks later and don’t wanna get into detail with things you already know. Then a week before spring break, well you cheated, and well it’s totally behind me now, we were kinda broken up even though we weren’t dating, I have no clue what happened cause well you managed to convince me over spring break that you’ve changed and I took you back ,and im soooooo happy I did! Well you asked me to be your girlfriend on the 8th of this month and left for WAISAL the next day, stupid boy! <3 And this entire week, yea I felt like crap, but im gonna put all the crappy feelings behind me and just think good memories about last week, and yesterday, yea we fought, and yea it was stupid, but it was the end of the day that I keep replaying in my head, to the fact that we didn’t do anything physical, but for once in a long time, we actually sat down and had a meaningful conversation and actually acted like a couple, and im soooo proud of you for telling me the truth although it stung a little, I was sooo happy you did. And this was long sooo imam stop now. But I just wanna let you know that I Love You. I really do, and whatever girl you get when your there, or girls, just let them know, from me, that they are by far the luckiest girls in the world, because you are legit the greatest guy. Im gonna try and stay strong, but it wont be easy, Im gonna miss you like crazy. Have an amazing time and life ahead! <3 

Love you to the moon and beyond and back,

Your Sunshine <3

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